JRP records June 21-22 + Journal Entries Giveaway

So I’m becoming increasingly more stoked to record my debut record in just a few days. I’m so blessed to be doing it with amazing musicians and friends including:

-guitarist Gilad Hekselman (www.giladhekselman.com)

-pianist Javier Santiago (www.javisantiagomusic.com)

-bassist Raviv Markovitz

-drummer Cory Cox (www.corycoxmusic.com)

as well as featuring:

-alto saxophonist Tim Green (myspace.com/timgreenmusic)

-pianist Gerald Clayton (www.geraldclayton.com)

I’m also excited because I’m nearing the completion of editing the collection of journal entries that I gave away through the Kickstarter Project for the record. It’s basically 15 or so reflections that give an inside look on my thoughts and feelings as I’ve gone through the entire process (essentially making up for my serious lack of blogging in the last year).

AND…If you didn’t get them thru Kickstarter you’re in luck. From now until July 1, If you donate ANY amount to the project via paypal I’ll give you the entire collection of journal entires FREE! Yup, that’s just how badly I want to share this whole process with you. Yup, that’s about right.

Hope you can be a part of it. Thanks for your prayers and support! Soli deo gloria!


Inside the Album Process: Journal preview

As I’ve mentioned in recent posts and on my website, I’m excited to be planning an album to be recorded in early summer 2011. On it will contain a handful of my original tunes that I’ve written over the past few years and things are coming together incredibly well for it.

Lord willing, I’m going to be beginning a fundraising campaign for the album on kickstarter.com, an independently-run website devoted to helping people earn money for independent project. In a nutshell, I’ll be offering YOU (and anyone who is a fan of my music) opportunities to give financially and, in return, you’ll receive all sorts of fun perks and “rewards.” One of these perks that I’m incredibly excited to share is a series of journal entries that I have been doing (and will continue to do) that will let you in on my experience in planning/recording the album. Here’s a snippet of a recent entry – hope it’s encouraging…


“When thinking about the album and what the future holds for me after the album, I have been fighting a lot of temptation to not find my ultimate treasure in God. It’s been easy for me to be convinced that my playing (or the album in general) needs to sound a certain way to be considered “good,” that it needs to be a certain quality so that my future, post-album, will be prosperous and that the album will lead to more opportunities, etc. While its right to strive for excellence in all of this, God has reminded me that there’s a huge difference between working for men and working for the Lord (Colossians 3:23). Its so easy to think of my goals for this album and I’m so quick to forget GOD’S goals in this whole process – seeing as though all things are for Him, and He purposes all things to happen for His glory. AND if I’m a Christian, He purposes all things for my good and for me to become more like Him, love him more and grow in my intimacy with Him.

…God has been gracious to remind me to resist the devil and his temptations (1 Peter 5:8-9) and that I do this in being firm in FAITH…faith, among other things, that reminds me that knowing Christ is the most satisfying thing in the universe. Faith that reminds me that everything in the world will pass away and only satisfy me temporarily. Faith here is saying that the joys that God has for me are infinitely more pleasurable than the fleeting joys this album can give to me

God has been gracious to remind me of this today, and I need His hand to help continue to make this truth crystal clear to me. I’m encouraged today by His deep and outrageous love for me, that He would justify me through Jesus’ righteousness (and paying for my sin on the cross), all despite my wandering in this process. I’m encouraged that the Lord is committed to my holiness (Philippians 1:6) and that this album process is truly GOD’S process of, among other things, working in my heart so that I would delight in Him more than everything else…”


New Album in the works!

For the past month or so I’ve been in the planning stages of making a solo record and things are moving along well! The Lord is already doing some really great stuff in my heart to reveal more of Himself to me through the process of doing the project. Here’s some things to look for in the album:

*Lord willing, I’ll go into the studio sometime this Spring (most likely toward the end of the school year)

*I’m planning on funding the project through kickstarter.com – a more independent artistshare type of site that offers people like YOU the opportunity to pledge and help me make the project happen. There are different levels of participation that you can be involved in, each offering different incentives that I’m excited to give back to people who support the project (i.e. lead sheets to all the music written, bonus live recordings of tunes from the album, a series of journal entries that will document my personal journey in the album process, etc)

*I’m hoping to have 1-2 major jazz artists on the record along with a cast of great young musicians here in NYC!

*Once completed, the plan is to market and promote the record as much as possible…

I’m getting really excited as I think about the fellowship that I’ve already had with God in the whole process and how much more I will get to enjoy as I savor the journey. Be on the lookout for more information at my website and on this blog – I’d love your support in helping me make this project happen!

JRP @ Tutuma

Last week the John Raymond Project had it’s first gig in NYC at a great new venue – the Tutuma Social Club. The food is great, the vibe is great, we had a good turnout, the music felt good…all around goodness. AND, the best part is that we were selected to come back and play again! The band is participating in the “Rising Stars”/student band series where certain bands have been selected to come back on December 7 and play for a chance at a regular night featured spot. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to prepare and play original music so quickly upon getting out to New York – what a great blessing.

Here’s some clips from the show…enjoy!