May 2011 Midwest Tour

After months of getting all the pieces together, I’m excited to finally announce the dates for the Midwest Tour I’m doing with good friend and incredible saxophonist Adam Larson. We’ll be doing lots of original music from members of the band (Nils Weinhold (guitar), Raviv Markovitz (bass) & Bastian Weinhold (drums) – all up-and-coming musicians in New York City) as we host a number of clinics as well as some marquee shows that we’d love to see you at if you’re in the area. All the details are below – hope to see you out!

5/9 – Puppet’s Jazz Club (New York, NY) // 6:00-8:30pm ($5)

5/10 – The Shrine (New York, NY) // 7:00-8:00pm

5/13 – Champlain Park High School clinic/performance (Champlain Park, MN)

5/13 – Eastview High School clinic & jazz concert (Apple Valley, MN)

5/14 – Dakota Jazz Club (Minneapolis, MN) // 11:30pm-1:30am ($5)

5/15 – Artist’s Quarter Jazz Club (St. Paul, MN) // 7:00pm & 9:00pm sets ($10)

5/16 – Hopkins High School clinic/performance (Minnetonka, MN)

5/16 – Edina High School clinic/performance (Edina, MN)

5/17 – Regis High School clinic/performance (Eau Claire, WI)

5/17 – Bull Falls Brewery (Wausau, WI)

5/18 – Evanston Township High School clinic/performance (Evanston, IL)

5/18 – Skokie Theater (Skokie, IL) // 7:00pm

5/19 – Quincy High School clinic/performance (Quincy, IL)

5/19 – Carl Sandburg Jr. College (Galesville, IL)

5/20 – Vito’s in Kankakee (Kankakee, IL)

5/21 – New Trier High School clinic/performance (Winnetka, IL)

5/21 – Paul Maslin’s Woodwind Shop (IL) // 12:00-2:00pm

5/23 – Jazz Showcase (Chicago, IL) // 8:00pm & 10:00pm sets ($15/$10 cover)

5/24 – SaxQuest (St. Louis, MO)

5/25 – Illinois Central College PAC (Peoria, IL)

5/26 – The Normal Ampitheater (Bloomington, IL)

5/27 – McClean County Arts Center (Bloomington, IL)

5/28 – Carl’s Pro Band clinic (Bloomington, IL)

5/28 – Eaton Art Gallery (Bloomington, IL)

5/29 – First Presbyterian Church Vespers Service (Galesburg, IL)


new music from great friends

Just in the past few months I’ve had two of my best friends release records that I’m incredibly excited about – both guys from UW-Eau Claire! do yourself a favor and check them out…


Aaron is an incredibly talented saxophonist, pianist and composer from St. Paul, MN and he recently released a large ensemble record that I was fortunate to be a part of. It features plenty of talented cats from Minneapolis, New York & Eau Claire, WI and it features Aaron’s inventive and soulful writing even more. Think modern big band + hip hop elements + raw/live feel + an unashamed love for music and for God. The record features Aaron’s Soul Searching Suite, a four-movement work that I’m a huge fan of. I’ve even borrowed the second movement from the suite (“the thorn in my side”) and played it on my own gigs. Check out Aaron’s site here, preview some tunes and buy a record…


Tyler, just so happens, is also a talented saxophonist and composer and quite the entrepreneur. Just in the past couple years Tyler has formed his own quintet, written tons of original tunes that are deeply personal and expressive, and recorded an album that he’s releasing this month at the Artist’s Quarter in St. Paul, MN. Tyler’s well on his way to leaving an imprint in this world…his new album Letting Go has got some great compositions, a couple of which you can hear on his myspace page (my favorite of them being “freedom from expectations”). Also watch out for Tyler’s sideman, trumpeter Joe Niemann – dude’s got some serious stuff goin’ on! There’s a great write up about Tyler’s new record that Andrea Canter did for that you can find here.

It’s a blessing to have great friends making great music – always inspiring…Check these guys out – hope you dig what you hear!